Allotment Garden: Prelude

About a week ago and first thing in the morning, I packed the three of us into the car and off we went to sign up for something we have never done before…

It’s hard to see here, but take my word for it:  the line for renting your own allotment garden from the City of Ottawa went right out the door of the community centre!  There we were, at the end of it (with Skye-dog waiting patiently in the car) …. crossing our fingers that enough plots would be left for us to have just one…


Where would you choose?

We waited about an hour in line and then blindly chose a plot by number — there were a surprising number of spaces left on that first day —  but we had NO idea what the pros and cons were of each section.  Others had come already armed with this map and their desired plots marked out.  When it was all over, we trekked off to see our designated garden in person.


Doesn’t look too promising, does it? 

Well at least the former gardener left a lot of perfectly good stakes.  But still, I think we have our work cut out for us….


Of course, even though I have visions of grandeur which includes parterres like these, don’t expect too much!  If I can get the place dry and weeded, we’ll be ahead of the game.

Stay tuned….

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