Worth the drive? Methinks yes.

I might have to go to Detroit.  No, not for a car. 

For this:

According to the website of this incredible garden store, it is a:

Large English Cast Stone Basket Weave Urn with bas relief fruit and flower details and acanthus scroll feet. Year round planter; fully frost and weather proof. (40”w x 28”h) – $1,780

 Alas, realistically, I don’t think this pot is in my budget.  But, if you’re travelling down Michigan-way, do check out this place.

All images from: http://www.deborahsilver.com/blog

Deborah Silver is the owner/artist/landscape designer behind this inspirational store.  She has exquisite taste in containers, both terracotta and concrete, like this one in a ‘faux-bois’  (imitation wood) motif :

 Look at the gorgeous windowbox display on the front of her store …

And inside, it gets even better …

 You should never underestimate how a beautiful container can contribute so much to a planted arrangement.  This is a pair of planters moments after planting that I did for a client.  

These basket weave terracotta pots were made by Red Iron terracotta in Toronto, a producer that is unfortunately no longer in business.  What a shame.  I used to buy his gorgeous and sturdy pots for my store by the truck load and drive them back myself from Toronto.  They were stacked as high as I might dare in the back of my Mazda B2200 and none of them ever broke!   It’s hard to find makers like this anymore around here, so that’s why hand-made terracotta pots are almost always from Italy.

Detroit’s not that far away, is it? 

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