I can’t wait!

Great news!

One of the benefits of writing a gardening column for a newspaper (and a blog, for that matter) is the possibility of getting free stuff for either trialing or reviewing.  I have been lucky enough to have received a number of garden related books from publishers and other writers, and have reviewed several of them in the paper; others I’ll be reviewing here.  But what’s really exciting me right now are the seeds I’ve just received and the plants (!) that I’ll be receiving in May.

The seeds I have are from Seed Saver’s Exchange and Renee’s Garden and they’re almost all vegetable seeds, with some old-fashioned annuals (for direct sowing into the garden) thrown in for good measure.


Do you think I have enough??! :c)

Seed Saver’s Exchange has been in existence since 1975 and was started by Kent Whealy and Diane Ott (yes, of ‘Grandpa Ott’ morning glory fame) Whealy.  Their mission continues to be:

…to save North America’s diverse, but endangered, garden heritage for future generations by building a network of people committed to collecting, conserving and sharing heirloom seeds and plants, while educating people about the value of genetic and cultural diversity.

But as you can see below, I have little to *no* space in which to grow such a vegetable garden — although I always have space for more perennials and shrubs!

What was I thinking?  Well, I have a secret which I will divulge to you a bit later.  It is a dream I’ve had for a long time and it’s finally coming to fruition this spring — fingers crossed. 

In term of the plants that are coming my way in May, I have no idea!  But I do know they are coming from Proven Winners, a conglomerate that began in 1992 with three American plant propagators (in California, Michigan and New Hampshire) and three licensees in Canada.  These plant producers create ‘liners’ (small, young seedlings, rooted cuttings or plants produced by tissue culture) which they then sell to wholesale growers to continue their production and then they are sold on to retail garden centres across North America as large, healthy plants ready for placing in the garden.

I could be getting this beautiful blue trailing perennial, called Campanula poscharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’: 

Or this luminous variety of the perennial Avens, Geum coccineum ‘Cooky’:     

Image courtesy: http://www.provenwinners.com



Or this showstopper annual, an almost black pincushion flower called Scabiosa atropurpurea:
Image courtesy: http://www.provenwinners.com


 I can’t wait!  I’ll let you know what I get next month….



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