Show-stopper annuals for Spring 2011

I can’t wait any longer…I’m itching to see all the new plants at the nurseries this spring.   Here is my selection of what you might find within the next 60 days (but you’ll have to fight me for them!)
If you like Fuschias, then you’ll love Begonia boliviensis!
Begonia boliviensis 'Bellfire';

This plant is best grown in a hanging or raised up planter protected from the afternoon sun, either in a shady or partially sunny location.  Because its’ branches are pendulous, with stems that are fleshy like the tuberous begonia, and whacks and whacks of non-stop flowers, you’ll have to make sure it isn’t in the line of fire for your Saturday newspaper delivery — its’ branches are easily snapped.

Begonia boliviensis ‘Bonfire’;

This variety has more coral coloured blooms but, as you can see, is just as floriferous as ‘Bellfire’. 

Begonia boliviensis ‘Bon Bon Sherbet’;

I want them all!

Littletunia (TM) Dark Eyed Lady; Danziger

This small petunia (hence, Littletunia) is described as being white with a black centre.  Striking, no?

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’;

And then there’s what might be the showstopper of the season — the first black petunia.  A novelty to be sure, but also a plant that will need to be used carefully so that its receding flowers don’t disappear.

Petunia ‘Phantom’;

There’s no question that this variety called ‘Phantom’ would be easier to see from afar.  But careful; it could easily cross the line and be too much for the eye to take — dare I say garish?! 

I’m going to wait until I see it in person to make my decision…

Petunia Suncatcher ‘Midnight Blue’, trailing variety;

But the jury’s not out on this one — LOVE IT!

Salvia patens ‘Oceana Blue’;

There is a reason why blue is a favourite; just look at the way this sage captures the light and the colour shifts from bud to bloom.

Supertunia ‘Pretty Much Picasso’;

Am I the only one who likes this one?  Really different, I know, but think about how you’d make such interesting combinations with other chartreuse and black foliage plants, with some dark purples thrown in for good measure…

Viola Delta (TM) ‘Light Blue w/ Blotch’;

What glorious colour to greet you in the spring with these pansies.  Look for ones like these at nurseries that do their own seeding.

Zinnia Zahara ‘Bonfire Mix’;
And then with the heat of the summer, these short and densely single-flowering zinnia are just what the garden needs!

4 thoughts on “Show-stopper annuals for Spring 2011”

  1. Ailsa, what lovely plant selections! I have grown the Begonia boliviensis ‘Bonfire’ for 3 summers and can’t say enough. Profusion of bloom and no pests. Just don’t have it hanging where the spent blooms will fall in a path – if stepped on they can cause temporary staining on wood and concrete.

    1. You’re right about the staining Laurel. I had them on my front steps last year and had to remove the spent blooms off the wood daily, esp. if I might step on them — slippery! But a small price to pay for so much bang.

  2. Nice photos. I could use the warm weather pictures right now. We have had lots of snow this week as you can see on my Blog. I will be posting a series of Winter pictures in April. I don’t want you to think you missed any snow! I will admit, enough is enough. I want Spring too! Though the Winter has a wonderful beauty that I appreciate. Here on Lake Michigan it always seems to be extreme one way or the other.

    1. Thanks Jack. Yes the summer pictures are a must at this time of year just to keep hope alive! You have a gorgeous blog — everyone should make a visit.

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