And I shall have some peace there

Margaret Roach, whose garden I blogged about earlier, has just published a new book called, And I shall have some peace there

In it she chronicles how and why she left her high-stress but also high-paying job at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 2008 in favour of a much more isolated life at her small yet beautiful home in the woods.

Margaret was generous enough to send me a copy of the book last month and I’ve written a review of it for our city newspaper.  It will be published on Saturday, March 5th.  I’ll come back here and give the link.

Here it is, for any of you who were waiting :c)

Emptied in advance of the crowds on her Open House day, this gargantuan terracotta bowl is usually lined with a blanket and filled with the large beast affectionately known as Jack, the demon cat.

She has written in her blog A Way to Garden that when she had this patio constructed, she envisioned a large table with many chairs, so she could eat ‘al fresco’ while enjoying the garden.  But as many of us know, relaxing in the garden is a difficult thing when all you can see are the shrubs that need pruning or the edges that need trimming. 

My hope for Margaret is that she can continue slowing down and that a table does end up sitting here with HER sitting at it!

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