Flying home

If you want to go to an exotic location, you really have to fly.  Although taking a plane is statistically the safest way to travel, I am becoming increasingly anxious when boarding.  It just doesn’t seem natural.

How can this thing actually leave the ground, with all these bodies and luggage and fuel and metal?  And then glide along, through the clouds, so effortlessly?

But looking out the window at the heavens and seeing the impossible softness of clouds, I begin to forget my fears. 

The sky is just so vast.

As we climb to around 34,000 feet, there seems to be an infinite layer of clouds.  And with the setting of the sun, the horizon turns to flame.

While the cabin becomes chilled, it seems entirely appropriate that while we’re leaving this behind…

… I’m watching this on my seat-back screen …

Geez.  There should be a law against showing films like that on flights back from the tropics! 

The good news is that it was actually a clip from a documentary called Twice Upon a Garden describing the creation of  Les Jardins des Metis, also known as the Reford Gardens in Quebec.  This production travels back in time exploring Elsie Reford’s original vision for the garden and then presents Alexander Reford’s interpretation of it today, which has made it the home to an internationally renown modern garden design festival. 

Watching this really made me look forward to the coming spring …

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