Memories of St-Martin

I was going through some of my pictures while in St-Martin a few years ago and found some beautiful shots.  I thought I’d share them.  

I believe the main benefit of these travel experiences is the ability to conjure them up again in your mind’s eye, as needed.

If you stop at any given moment and take a look around you, you’ll see a small treasure.  I believe this to be true wherever you are and whenever you look.

These tiny toad stools were on the side of the road as we drove up the island’s only mountain, Pic Paradis; if we hadn’t stopped and I hadn’t looked down, I never would have seen such amazing things.  They appeared, in real life, as impossibly metallic as they look here, with delicate black edges along their bottoms.

This display of spices was, no doubt, for the benefit of tourists like me — but wow!  It worked by stopping me in my tracks and compelling me to take the shot.

If you look to the top of this photo, you’ll see a dog face peering down from the second floor.  This picture reminds me of the famous one by Alfred Stieglitz, called The Steerage.  My version is upside down and makes me laugh.

And sometimes you witness a scene that is so beautiful that you have to stop and hold your breath.

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