Winter in black & white

There is such stillness in the woods at this time of year.


Although the stream still flows, the edges are crystallized in ice.


And there is always evidence of creatures just having come and gone…


The depression in the snow around this tree trunk reminds us that there is energy in the form of heat emanating from its seemingly life-less form.


Is there anything more solitary than this abandoned chair?



I feel like this contorted weeping mulberry; huddled and twisted in the cold.  I’m ready for spring, thank you.

Blue interlude

Today, mountains of snow, fallen before Christmas, are melting.  The sky is grey, the air is almost warm, but the streets are dirty and the remaining snow is granular and sticky ….

Days like this are so predictable here; they usually arrive with ironic precision around Winterlude time, but this year, they are thwarting any possible January opening for our record-long skating rink along the canal.

So this kind of dreary day demands a serious interlude.  I present you with beach, ocean, cloudy blue sky (hey? you gonna be picky?), warmth and a marguerita, for good measure.  Enjoy.


Snow load

We’ve just had a lot of fresh white snow.  And I mean a lot.   So much that I had to go out and tie my cedar around its middle with twine.  On our walk in the woods, many of the trees weren’t so lucky.




In spots, it was like making your way through a tunnel…



I have to thank my good friend Barb for this.

Not because she took the picture but because she said, “Why don’t you sit out on your front porch?”  To which I replied, “There’s no room.”

Well, clearly as you can see, there is room.  And we loved doing just so this past spring and summer.

It was mid-May and the weather was glorious.

And all the most intoxicating flowers were in bloom:  honeysuckle, lilac and lily of the valley.

Hold that thought  …

Autumn walks

These October days are full of surprises.  Sometimes the mornings are blissful and Skye decides its warm enough to jump into the beyond after a barely distinguishable stick.

And there are a few more opportunities on our afternoon walks to relish the shocking reds and golds against the blue, blue skies.

And we walk along, breathing in the crisp autumn air.  Loving the wispy green of grass, the crisp leaves  underfoot and the silence that this time of year brings.

There is such beauty if you stop to look.

I relish these walks.  They bring me to a place where I can breathe again; something we all need in such a hectic world.

Take time.  Find a place to walk.  Take a dog with you.  It only makes the experience 100 times better…

The story of Prince Aidan and his 8th birthday

Once upon a time there was a little prince named Aidan.

Prince Aidan lived in a land far away where the only flowers that grew were dandelions.   Dandelions were named from the French term, ‘dent-de-lion’ meaning “lion’s tooth”.   Aidan left the castle one morning and came across a clutch of dandelions in a field.  Taking the name of these flowers literally, he brandished his sword and said, “Halt dandelion!  I am Prince Aidan and I will protect my kingdom from lions teeth!”

The dandelion replied, “We are not lions teeth!  We are just called ‘lion’s tooth’ because our yellow flowers have petals that resemble lion’s teeth!  You don’t need to be afraid of us – we are harmless!”

“Oh,” said Prince Aidan.  “I didn’t realize that you weren’t dangerous.  I am glad that you won’t be eating the people in my kingdom with your big lion teeth.  I will let you go.”

“Thank you,” said the dandelions.  “We are grateful that you don’t slice us up into smithereens.”

So then Prince Aidan kept walking through the woods and suddenly found a dragon hiding in the shrubbery.

“Who are you scary dragon and why are you here, hiding in the shrubbery?” asked Prince Aidan.

“Please don’t hurt me Prince Aidan! I am not a scary dragon.  I am a friendly dragon and I have been sent here to wish you a Happy Birthday!”

“It is said that on a Prince’s 8th birthday, a friendly dragon has to appear over the internet to wish that Prince a happy birthday.  That is why I am here.”